It is not about technology, - it is about being human!

ABEL is an engineering company offering consulting services in electricity, process, computer and telecoms projecting.
We develop and render effective production, distribution and usage, as well as supply practical and cost beneficial solutions to both private businesses and the public sector. We use our engineering skills to solve complex problems and provide our clients with advice, analysis and models.

Project Work

ABEL Gruppen Sverige AB has long experience of design work in all phases.

The design work is a platform for the future of the plant and is often part of the specifications data to the plant owner will send out to prospective contractors. With this in mind imbued ABEL group design work by the ambition to find the best technical solution with regard to environmental, economic and personal security, as natural ingredients in the project call work.

All design work in ABEL conducted in close contact with the customer and includes contact with both contractors, consultants and government agencies.

Technical Control

Technical inspection of the existing installation are carried out to assess the current state facility, and can be implemented as technical analysis and, where necessary, supplemented by a control measurement. Need for state assessment arise in connection with the commissioning, pre-or general assessment of the facility's technical condition (eg for future reinvestment decisions).

ABEL has great experience in such checks and the work is conducted in accordance with current operating and safety standards. Technical control is often complemented by a techno-economic action plan to correct any discrepancies.

Investigation Work

ABEL The group carries out major and minor investigative assignments for authorities, industries and individual electricity customers. With our diverse backgrounds and diverse consulting portfolio, we have a unique experience to sit on both the supply side as the consumer level. 

Our investigation assignments may be part of a larger design work or stand alone investigation for future decision making. We report like our investigative assignments orally or doing other "attractions" before an audience or in a way that suits you. We are considered by many to have a special skill to be able to explain the electrical problems for non-engineers.


We cover your plant with your people, StatusBar judge from this analysis and complement with simulation studies at the needs and desires. Together with local utility companies, we can argue for appropriate measures to optimize your plant.

With our unique expertise from utility companies and industrial customers, we believe we have a rare insight into how a reliable power supply will look like and how it can be-forts to optimal availability at limited cost.